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Benjamin Humphrys

Benjamin Humphrys is in LA native who is competing in American Ninja Warrior- Season 9.  He is a rookie this year, at 23 years old. Currently working as a third-generation hairstylist at The Cut Salon in Santa Monica. Training for the show has become one of his favorite past times; spending over a year getting his body strength, stamina, and endurance to compete. Besides his love for hair and working out he is a photographer on the side.  Growing up in Culver City with his parents and younger brother Miles. He attended Culver City High School;  where he was a national pole vaulter. After high school came the pursuit of his hair stylist dream, where he achieved his cosmetology license at Santa Monica College. Now, he resides in Palms with his girlfriend Caitlyn.  Ben meticulously trains with his partner and mentor, Westley Silvestri, at free running courses and rock climbing gyms. They also set up a ninja corse at the Santa Monica beach rings every Sunday to train and get new people excited about America Ninja Warrior.