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Morph Speakers Custom Hats

At Morph we make completely wooden eco-friendly handcrafted speakers. Our speakers are handcrafted with the earth in mind, allowing you to renew the sound of your music by using renewable energy! Our speakers are made using sustainably sourced wood, as well as reclaimed wood from construction waste and tree trimming services, keeping it out of our landfills. 

 Morph also uses proceeds from sales to benefit social and environmental causes we care about, such as the planting of Trees. Our product does not use electricity, which means it is a passive unit allowing you to take your music wherever you want, whenever you want. The speakers are easy to use, hard to break, battery free, water resistant, and no hassle is involved with connecting through blue tooth or auxiliary cords. 

 Ultimately the goal of Morph is to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.