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Premier Fitness Systems


Premier Fitness Systems has put together a revolutionary golf-performance program that brings together top golf instruction, fitness, flexibility, and some of the best in TPI training.  Most programs focus on basic flexibility and a few golf specific exercises.  Premier’s Golf Performance Program takes it to the next level by taking an educational approach to teaching players how to understand the different facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, posture, balance, alignment, and body position), and how they can take their game to the next level by improving within each segment.  These results coupled with taking a preventative approach to injuries has allowed their clients to stay at the top of their game.
Brandon Harris and Greg McLean, owners of Premier Fitness Systems, are co-creators of this cutting edge fitness based golf performance program.  With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, they’ve been able to pinpoint the causes for most major swing faults in the game through their custom designed swing analysis.  The program addresses major imbalances in strength and posture and focuses on improving alignment and body position to allow for a more natural free flowing swing.  Having worked closely with some of the top golfers in the world, they’ve been able to develop a system that can help players of all ages at any level of play.