Life has looked a little different lately, and at Branded Bills we have been wondering what we could do to spread some positivity in our community during this uncertain time.

You may have bought this hat for yourself, or received it as a gift. Either way we hope it makes your day a little better. We don't want those good feelings to stop with you, so we have launched our new campaign "Get a Hat, #GIVEAHAT".

Use promo code GIVEAHAT for FREE SHIPPING on your order.  We hope you will use this code to send a gift to someone that could use some encouragement and continue to spread some positive vibes.

The giving doesn’t stop with you, every time promo code GIVEAHAT is used on an order, Branded Bills will deliver a hat to a medical professional on the front lines taking care of COVID-19 patients. Although we aren’t able to provide medical supplies, we think providing a hat will be a sign of reassurance that the community appreciates all their hard work.

Use promo code GIVEAHAT today, who do you know that could use a pick me up?