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The Story

How It Started

A vision for something different, one of our owners Sam, hand made a personal hat for his business at the time in South Dakota, which led to an idea.  Using a utility knife, a scrap of leather, and a hand forged iron brand our first Branded Bill was created.  Roughly stitched and slightly crooked the idea of representing our home state in a unique way started it all.

 The Leather

We use 6/7 oz. full grain leather, guaranteed to withstand through all natures elements.  Why?  Full Grain is the top-quality leather available, and will age and tell a story over time.  We receive the leather in its natural state; it is pink, almost white in color.  We don’t use any dyes or chemicals to color it, we use the sun.  Tanning in the desert, gives it a beautiful golden-brown color.  Then we start to go to work.

 Our Mission

The journey is tough, and so is leather, that’s why we create quality products that represent the people that wear them.  Just like life, our hats change and get better with time and experience.  Share your story with us and be a part of a positive, and attractive change.