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Born and raised in Arizona, Dave Dickert sharpened his operational skills in the restaurant industry for 15 years in Southern California prior to co-founding Branded Bills in 2016. He is driven by a passion for building companies that leave a memorable experience with the customer, and by the unique opportunity to build a brand that is disrupting the standards of premium customized apparel. 

Dave is an avid traveler and outdoorsman and best enjoys these activities alongside his wife and two young kiddos.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Dave Dickert and three friends built Branded Bills

  • Reasons why Dave was looking to leave the restaurant industry

  • How the four co-owners share the business and divide roles

  • Why making conscious decisions about your brand matters

  • The power saying “no” has to define your brand

  • The key ingredients for customer satisfaction and retention

  • Why equal care must be taken to retain employees

  • Martin’s advice on business continuity

  • How Dave protects his family time from too much work takeover

In this episode…

Dave Dickert emerged from the restaurant industry to be one of four co-founders of the company Branded Bills. The four friends have managed to retain co-ownership while building a successful brand for seven years now, a true testament to cooperation. Dave shares some of the reasons for that success with Martin.

A key factor in their business growth was that every one of the four friends naturally fell into a role they felt strong in, there were no “let’s draw straws for CEO” moments. They each play to their strengths. Importantly, they also understand exactly what the business is within the headwear industry, and what it isn’t. Dave breaks down exactly what is so powerful and necessary about saying no.

In this episode of What CEOs Talk About, host Martin Hunter and guest Dave Dickert discuss the often hard lessons Dave learned in the restaurant industry, why checking yourself and your role along the way is important to do, and why Dave believes that building a brand goes hand in hand with experiential purchases. They address what customer retention looks like, the importance of quality, and balancing fatherhood with business. Building your brand reflects your values and the choices you make about serving your customers, and Dave has valuable insight to share.