Original Branded Bills leather patch with brand

The original leather patch company


Our Promise

All of our patches and designs are applied to our products in our Mesa, AZ warehouse as they are ordered. This allows us to respond quickly to custom requests & ensure we are sending out the highest quality finished product.

Our customer service team works day in & out to provide the highest level of support you may need.

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Our Motto

Premium headwear & apparel connecting you to your experiences.
Branded Bills circle patch

Our Story

The beginning, based in Arizona, our 4 current founders Dave Dickert, Josh Tabaj, Tim Welch, and Sam Coil created Branded Bills using a branding iron and a knife to create a unique leather patch application for headwear.
Rolled leather with hats sitting on top

At this point, Branded Bills was proud to be the first to create leather patch hats for all 50 states. The company remained focused on unique application on headwear with quality of service and product at top of mind.
Custom Branded Bills patches laying together

The year of customization, BB realized a need in the market and created a new custom division to offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to use their own logos for their merchandise.
Branded Bills warehouse prior to production build-out

With a growing business model our focus turned to creating the perfect hat by sourcing private label manufacturing and expanding into new, innovative styles to reach a broader market.
Owners of Branded Bills together on golf course

With a proven made to order process, and a quickly evolving design team, we have remained relevant in all aspects of personalized headwear and newly offered apparel. Fully customized products, golf specific wholesale, and a huge online direct to consumer business there is nothing but potential and growth ahead.