Dave Dickert: Developing the brand of Branded Bills

In this episode, host James Patrick invites special guest and co-founder of Branded Bills Dave Dickert to the show.

James and Dave discuss how they’ve personally known each other since high school but have not seen each other since they graduated 18 years ago.

In this interview, Dave talks about his professional journey from working in restaurants to owning a coffee shop which aided in his desire to take creative control of his life and what led him to team up with the Branded Bills launch.

James and Dave discuss why it’s so important to be genuine with your brand and tell a story that’s true to your personality to get the best results in sales and marketing of your brand. Dave also describes why the company has been so successful noting their adventure and storytelling based marketing approach. Branded Bills acts a medium for it’s consumers to have a platform sharing their life stories and the imprint of good memories.

James asks Dave what advice he would give himself when he was just starting out or to any listeners starting out to which Dave replies just “GO FOR IT.” In whatever capacity you’re hesitating, be it starting a business, asking for a promotion, personal relationships, etc., in the end you may not succeed but you won’t have to live with the regret of the unknown.

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